Our History

P.A. SpA is a manufacturer of accessories for high pressure cleaning located in Rubiera, near Reggio Emilia, Italy. Founded in 1982, it produces accessories such as unloader valves, spray guns and various components for pressure washers, car-wash plants, and industrial fields, such as manufacturing, construction, food and pharmaceutical plants. P.A. is active both on domestic and international markets, as it exports more than 85% of production, for a yearly turnover of more than 46 mln €uros.

The PA Group

P.A.SpA is the main company of the PA group, which also includes a series of other companies, either completely or partially controlled, all located in Rubiera. These are basically the main suppliers of PA, and were acquired over the years, with the main intent of controlling most parts, if not the totality of the production cycle. More and more components are manufactured internally, to ensure constant quality checks, both on products and raw materials. One of these strategic suppliers is MEC TO srl, a precision milling and turning facility which supplies exclusively the other companies of the group. Another key company of the group is CHIERICI TITO srl, a plastic injection moulding company, that supplies most plastic parts to PA, but also maintains an independent catalogue for low pressure and agricultural accessories. The PA group as a whole counts more than 220 employees.

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Our Identity

Today, P.A.is a main force in the high pressure sector, with an ever-growing turnover, and a catalogue that expands every year in different paths. P.A. is internationally recognised for the quality of its products, achieved and maintained through a strict control over all aspects of production, and a great effort to keep the whole process local. P.A. does not manufacture abroad, and proudly considers the MADE IN ITALY label a badge of honour. The process of innovation concerns not only the finished products, but also the process: over the years, P.A. has invested mostof its resources in the expansion and the update of its manufacturing plants. The milling and turning facilities work both with brass and stainless steel, forged and from bar. The plastic moulding plant can count ten injection presses, and two numerical control machines for the moulds.