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RL 30 + SW6

Pressure washer
Part No.30.2511.00
Inlet+ sw.6 3/8 Bsp F
Outlet1/4 Bsp F
Weight676 gr. - 24.04 oz.
Part No.30.2511.20
Inlet+sw.6 A M22
Outlet1/4 Bsp F
Weight678 gr. - 23.91 oz.


Spray gun with brass forged body. The mechanism in stainless steel grants elevated performance and long life span. The ergonomic design reduces the strain during use and protects the user's hand. The lever is fitted with a safety latch to prevent involuntary actions.

Common Features

Rated Pressure
310 bar - 31 MPa - 4500 psi
Permissible Pressure
350 bar - 35 MPa - 5000 psi
Rated Flow Rate
40 l/min - 10.5 USGpm
Rated Temperature
160 °C - 320 °F
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